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Cheap IVF Abroad

IVF in the UK

The cost of having IVF treatment in a private clinic in the UK can be anything from £4,000-£8,000 per treatment cycle. This is a staggering amount of money to pay especially if repeated treatments are necessary. Some couples may be entitled to treatment on the NHS but many find they do not meet the exact criteria. Others find themselves up against a “postcode lottery” meaning where you live could determine if you get NHS IVF treatment or not. Add to this the long NHS waiting lists it is no wonder that some couples seek out cheaper more convenient IVF treatments in a foreign country where rules are more relaxed, waiting lists are much shorter and the overall cost is much less.

Is Treatment Abroad Cheaper?

The actual cost for treatment in another country can be much cheaper than in the UK. The exact amount it will cost will vary on a case by case basis. It will also depend on which country is chosen. It is quite difficult to give exact amounts per country as every case is different. Turkey and India have a good reputation for their success rate and treatment in those countries costs £1,500 approx. Spain offers IVF treatment for as little as £2000 per treatment cycle and Ukraine also boasts costs as low as £1750 approx. Many clinics in many different countries will be prepared to give you an exact quote for your situation.

Other costs

The only way to work out if treatment is actually cheaper for you in another country is to add in everything that the trip or trips to that country will cost altogether. You must take into account flight costs, transfers, hotels, food and travel costs within your chosen country. As well as this some quotes for a cycle of IVF treatment will not include drugs that are prescribed and any tests you may need once you are there. These extra costs can really take some people by surprise so it is important to find out exactly what is included in the cost before making a final decision regarding you final choice.

Risks of Going Abroad For Treatment.

There are a number of risks associated with having treatment in another country. The clinic that you decide upon must be up to date with all modern technology and medical facilities. Make sure they have a similar standard of hygiene and care as we do in the UK. The clinic must have a fantastic reputation for success and excellence. Lastly, make sure that there is no language barrier between yourselves and the medical professionals at your chosen clinic. Clear communication between yourselves and the clinic is an absolute must for you to receive the care and treatment you are paying for. Make sure that you understand all of the rules and regulations of your chosen country before deciding to approach them for treatment. Every country has its own set of laws regarding IVF. Some countries are unable to provide donor eggs, some countries will only allow so many eggs to be taken at any one time so understanding their laws is a must prior to contacting a clinic in any country.

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