Things to Avoid After Egg Implantation

IVF treatment is a very emotionally taxing time for most couples and the successful implantation into the uterus is of the upmost importance to the whole IVF team and the couple. It would be important to note at this point that the implantation process (how the embryo beds into the uterus lining) and how it is regulated, is very much a mystery to medical scientists and implantation in humans is reported as being highly inefficient at the best of times. After IVF treatment, only 10% of embryos implant themselves and develop to become a baby. It is therefore necessary to be aware of the things to avoid after IVF egg implantation.

What to Avoid After IVF Egg Implantation

Due to the delicate nature of a couple’s desire to conceive, care must be taken to give the implanted embryo the best opportunity to develop normally. The list of things to avoid after IVF egg implantation is comprised of truths, half truths and myths. The problem still remains that if the patient believes that a particular activity will reduce their chances at a full pregnancy developing, then that activity had better be avoided, right or wrongly, to prevent the patient blaming themselves if pregnancy does not occur. Blaming oneself for a failed IVF cycle could have a considerable negative emotional effect on the patient.

Avoid Sex after Egg Implantation

After egg implantation has occurred it is advised not to engage in sex that causes the uterus to be moved or bounced. Gentle sex may be allowable but the likely hood of controlling the exact type of intercourse a couple has is very low and what may start gentle may, with out realizing it, transform into something entirely different.

Be Careful What You Eat After Egg Implantation

Do not take any non-prescribed medication other than paracetamol after egg implantation. If prescribed medication is being taken prior to IVF treatment then notify the doctor before hand. Studies have supported the disruptive effect of consuming alcohol or smoking on pregnancy rates so avoid at all costs. After all, since pregnancy is being attempted and all obstacles have been addressed or removed with IVF treatment, why create more intentionally. Do not drink more than two caffeine beverages in a day and if avoidance is possible, then avoid. Ensure a healthy balanced diet and do not take part in any weight loss program after egg implantation. The human body generally extracts what it needs from what we eat, so it is always best to eat a variety of healthy foods. Finally, avoid hot baths and aggressive physical activities, at least until the pregnancy results are in.